Restaurant Workers File Overtime Lawsuit

Restaurant Workers File Overtime Lawsuit

BALTIMORE — On October 11, 2013, attorneys filed a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of three restaurant workers at Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for failing to pay minimum and overtime wages.  The employees allege that Aero Service Group, Inc., the operator of five airport restaurants, had a policy of paying hourly workers two separate paychecks for the same pay period yet failed to pay overtime to its workers for more than 40 hours worked in a week.

The complaint also alleges that BWI restaurant workers were forced to attend mandatory “cleaning parities” a couple times a year for no pay.  In addition to not receiving overtime pay, Aero Service Group also failed to pay the employees who received tips the applicable minimum wage. 

The lawsuit seeks payment for unpaid wages and damages and was filed in the U.S. District Court in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you or someone you know worked at BWI as a restaurant work or other airport and has a claim for unpaid overtime wages, you should call (855) 754-2795 or complete the Free Unpaid Overtime Case review form at the top right of this page.  Our team of overtime pay lawyers will evaluate your situation to determine if you can file a claim in this lawsuit.  Call today as there are strict deadlines.

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