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Rapper T.I. and Business Partners Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

ATLANTA, GA — Atlanta rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris and his business partners recently agreed to settle one of a pair of unpaid overtime lawsuits against the group’s Georgia restaurant and bar Scales 925 in downtown Atlanta. As part of the settlement, the defendants and their restaurant will pay back the four former employees a combined $78,000 in back pay, damages, and attorneys fees for violating several provisions of federal labor laws establishing minimum wage and overtime standards.

According to the unpaid overtime lawsuit filed back in 2015 in Georgia federal court, the rap superstar and his business partners failed to pay workers for all their hours spent on the job, including overtime wages. The suit claimed that the defendants went as far as to retaliate against the workers when they confronted management about their unpaid earnings. Additionally, the plaintiffs claim that the defendants made illegal tip pool deductions from their earnings because they were not tip-earning workers.

The agreement does not require the defendants to admit fault and goes on to claim that the defendants instead chose to settle the unpaid overtime lawsuit because defending the suit would be too costly of an alternative. T.I. and his business partner are also involved in other civil lawsuits surrounding Scales 925 over additional claims of wage theft, financial mismanagement, and fraud that drove the company into the ground. Those claims remain unresolved and are still currently working their way through the courts as T.I. recently moved to have the claims transferred out of federal court.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), companies must pay their workers at least one and a half times the individual’s average hourly rate of pay and cannot retaliate against workers when confronted with pay discrepancies. When companies to break the law and fail to pay workers appropriately, wage theft victims have the legal right to file unpaid overtime lawsuits to recover back pay with interest, liquidated damages equal to unpaid earnings, and attorneys fees to cover the cost of litigation.

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