Is overtime pay required for a lunch break

Is overtime pay required for a lunch break?

No, overtime pay is not required for a lunch break, however there are some situations where an employee may be entitled to overtime pay for a lunch break. If you believe you have been denied overtime wages it is extremely important that you talk to one of our experienced unpaid overtime lawsuit attorneys to learn your rights.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are not required to provide rest breaks, meal or lunch breaks for employees. However, an employer who chooses to provide a break may have to pay wages for lunch periods or other breaks in excess of 20 minutes. Employers cannot also improperly reduce wages for a meal break if an employee is expected to perform work during that break . Additionally, some states may have their own laws that may be slightly different from the FLSA with respect to overtime pay for lunch breaks.          

For this reason determine if overtime pay is required for a lunch break can be quite complex and confusing.  You need the assistance of one of our experienced attorneys who can investigate the case and has significant knowledge on the overtime pay laws.  For more information on your entitlement to overtime pay for lunch breaks and whether or not you have basis for a claim, call our top rated unpaid overtime lawsuit lawyers today at (855) 754-2795. We will determine if you were wrongfully denied wages and help you recover all of your back pay for all unpaid overtime, as well as compensation for other damages.  Call now for your Free, No Obligation Case Review!

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