Overtime and Unpaid Wage Lawsuit Brought Against iVox

Overtime and Unpaid Wage Lawsuit Brought Against iVox

MIAMI — iVox came under fire in the form of a class action lawsuit in August 2015 over allegations that the company was withholding wages and overtime benefits from their eligible employees.

The Plaintiffs in the class action are former customer service representatives for the company who regularly worked far more than a standard 40 hours per week. In fact, it has been reported that while at times these workers put in 80 hours per week, they were still never compensated with Federal Labor Standard Act approved overtime benefits.

Some of these violations included not considering “off the clock” work spent on pre-shift and post-shift tasks that included various computer and software based activities to allow an employee to effectively do their job “on the clock.” Beyond not compensating employees for flanking shift duties, it has also been reported that representatives were not paid for meal breaks as well.

What Is iVox Solutions?

According to the company website, iVox Solutions was founded in 2003 under the original name of “Old Cell Phone Corporation.”

When the company began, its goal was to refurbish old cell phones but it has now moved on to cover various communication functions including call center functionalities.

In the 13 years since it wad founded, iVox has grown from six employees to over 500 employees with a major milestone coming in 2011 with the official organization of iVox Solutions, LLC.

What Are Relevant Fair Labor Standard Act Rules?

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act,  any amount of hours worked over 40 hours in a standard 7 day week are to be considered overtime hours. When working overtime hours, employees are to be paid a time-and-a-half of what their standard wage is when working within the standard 40 hours.

Additionally, all hours that an employee spends on actions that benefit the company or are necessary for them to effectively perform their “on the clock” duties are to be counted when determining the hour amount an employee worked.

Can An Attorney Help Me File An Overtime Pay Lawsuit?

Many employees are being unlawfully denied wages by employers. If you feel that you fit this description, you should call (855) 754-2795 or complete the Free Unpaid Overtime Case Review form on the top right of this page.

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