Oklahoma County Settles Unpaid OT Lawsuit with Sheriff's Deputy

Oklahoma County Settles Federal Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit with Sheriff’s Deputy

OKLAHOMA — A federal judge recently approved a settlement in an unpaid overtime lawsuit between a former sheriff’s deputy and the county and sheriff’s department he worked for.

The proposed settlement should close the books on the federal lawsuit brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and a similar lawsuit under Oklahoma state wage laws was also settled, according to the plaintiff’s attorney.

As compensation for his unpaid overtime, the plaintiff will receive $10,000 from the defendant. That number should include compensation for his back wages, interest, and attorney’s fees to prosecute the case. The plaintiff also has a lawsuit for improper termination related to the event.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit arose from allegations he was not properly furnished with comp time (compensatory time off from work with pay) while working on what was supposed to be one of his days off from work. Under the law, employees may be compensated with comp time in lieu of traditional overtime wages.

Comp Time Laws for Government and Private Sector Employees

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), state and local employees are eligible to receive comp time but the process must follow certain rules. The employee must earn one and a half hours of comp time for every hour of overtime work performed and must be allowed to use his or her comp time on requested dates unless the time off would “unduly disrupt” operations.

Police and other first responders may accrue up to 480 hours of comp time during a year. All other state employees may earn a maximum of 240 hours per year. These federal laws generally only apply to state and local government employees as the intent FLSA is to appropriately compensate employees for their overtime hours worked.

Whether you are a state, local, or private sector employee, if you have questions about whether you are being properly compensated for your overtime hours with comp time, you should strongly consider speaking to an experienced attorney about your case.

Police Comp Time Overtime Lawsuits

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