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Newspaper Employees Recover $584,000 for Wrongful Termination After Filing Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — Three former employees for a California-based Korean language newspaper recently recovered $584,000 after filing a lawsuit alleging that their former employer wrongfully terminated the group over complaints the defendant withheld overtime wages. Originally filed in 2013, the suit survived an appeal from the defendant with a higher court upholding the significant judgement and sending a message to other employers that workers are ready to stand up for their legal rights.

The plaintiffs originally claimed Korean Daily failed to fully pay all overtime wages, filing an unpaid overtime lawsuit under California wage and labor laws to recover back pay. According to reports, the defendant fired an entire department from the company, which included the three-plaintiffs. While another company took over the operation just days later, the plaintiffs did not recover their jobs and amended the complaint to include retaliation from wrongful termination.

Although the plaintiffs initially prevailed in a California Superior Court, the victory was short lived as the defendants appealed the verdict to a higher court to try and avoid liability for their alleged wage theft. Fortunately, the California appeals court sided as the lower court did with the plaintiffs, upholding the $584,000 judgement imposed on the defendants.

What are My Rights When I File an Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit?

 Sadly, wage theft continues because many workers either are unaware of their rights under state and federal wage laws or are afraid of the career consequences of taking legal action to recover all due wages. Fortunately, the law helps reconcile possible outcomes of filing unpaid overtime lawsuits by designating the action a protected act and provide augmented damage claims if proved true.

After filing an overtime pay lawsuit, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects workers from retaliatory action like on job harassment or wrongful termination. In addition to recover back overtime, interest on unpaid wages, liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees, plaintiffs may recover unpaid wages from wrongful termination, reinstatement, and other compensatory damages.

Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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