New Jersey Police Officers Finally Receive Overtime Pay Settlement After Third Attempt

New Jersey Police Officers Finally Receive Overtime Pay Settlement After Third Attempt

NEWARK — Three-Camden City, New Jersey police officers fighting for their overtime pay recently got justice after a federal District Court judge approved a settlement between the city and the plaintiffs to resolve the matter. The city tried twice before to end the suit, but the judge overseeing the case struck down both of those proposed settlements on the grounds that the officers had not shown proper grounds for why the matter should settle.

The suit, filed in federal District Court for the District of New Jersey in April 2012, originally sought class action status for as many as 170 of the city’s police officers, but the judge hearing the case struck denied the certification. That same judge struck down a settlement offer in July 2016 that would have resolved the case for about $50,000, a much lower settlement than the first settlement offer of $150,000.

The latest settlement, accepted by the judge, gives each of the three officers $750 and covers their attorney’s fees for the almost four-year period of litigation. Although the amount of money may seem modest, suits like the one brought by these plaintiffs are important to hold wrongdoers accountable and spur the change necessary to ensure that others are properly compensated moving forward.

What Can I Recover in an Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), wage theft victims can file civil lawsuits against their employers if they believe they were not paid all their due wages. Typically, plaintiffs can recover two years of lost wages from the time the suit is filed but can recover up to three years of back pay if the wage theft was proven intentional.

In addition to two or three years of back wages, plaintiffs may be awarded interested on their lost income and recoup attorneys’ fees to cover the cost of litigation. In some cases, courts may even award liquidated damages equal to the amount of lost wages and impose injunctions on the defendants to ensure the wage theft ceases.

Police Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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