New Jersey Part-Time Police Officer Files Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Department

New Jersey Part-Time Police Officer Files Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Department

NEWARK — A part-time police officer for the Buena Borough, New Jersey police department recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the department, claiming he frequently worked over 40 hours per week but was never paid overtime. The officer, employed since 2012 as a patrolman, worked without a collective bargaining agreement as a member of a union, making just over $15 per hour by the time he filed his lawsuit.

The suit, filed in federal District Court for the District of New Jersey in Camden, alleges the plaintiff complained multiple times to his superior officer and the borough’s financial office about the pay discrepancies, but nothing was done to correct the underpayment. According to reports, the borough solicitor released a statement indicating the plaintiff would receive all due wages, if the merits of the claim are true.

Although the borough solicitor’s comments are an encouraging sign the case may will eventually come to an amicable resolution, they come only after the plaintiff escalated the dispute with legal action, as is often the case. While the case may have one time been settled on the principle on the plaintiff’s unpaid wages, the claim seeks damages for back pay and interest, liquidated damages, and attorneys fees to cover the cost of litigation.

When am I Entitled to Overtime Pay?

 Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), almost every hourly employee is entitled to receive one and a half times his or her regular hourly wage for overtime pay. Under the FLSA, the national overtime threshold is 40 hours per week.

Furthermore, state and local laws may also provide more robust wage and labor protections for workers, including daily overtime thresholds and guaranteed meal and rest breaks. However, some laws may also allow collective bargaining agreements with unions to modify when overtime pay begins to accrue. Workers with concerns over wage theft and overtime pay should consult with an experienced overtime pay lawsuit attorney to discuss their cases and find out what kinds of compensation they may be entitled to.

Police Officer Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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