Movie Faces Proposed Class Action Overtime Lawsuit

Movie Faces Proposed Class Action Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — A proposed class action wage and overtime pay lawsuit has been filed in California state court recently. The lawsuit alleges Man Down LLC, the production company involved in the making of the upcoming film “Man Down,” violated state wage and labor laws when it failed to pay minimum wage and overtime to its nonexempt employees. The lawsuit is seeking $800,000 in back wages, damages, and civil penalties.

The Movie Set Claim

A fire safety supervisor, William Moorhead, filed the complaint recently after allegedly working a 13.5 hour shift without the overtime and double time required under California law. While Moorhead only worked one shift during the 28 days of the filming, like many of the employees on the film, Moorhead claims other employees who worked similar shifts on the film were also denied the proper compensation they were owed.

On Time Payments

Not only did Moorhead allegedly not receive proper compensation for the long shift, he did not receive any compensation at all until nearly two months after he was supposed to have been paid. The late payment, also a violation of state law, added to the amount Moorhead is seeking in this lawsuit. Under federal and state labor laws, employers are required to pay employees on their scheduled pay cycle or within a set amount of days after the work had been performed. If the employer does not timely pay its employees, the employees are entitled to additional wages for each day the original wages are delayed.

State Labor Laws

In addition to the unpaid wages and compensation for the late payment, Moorhead’s lawsuit is seeking nearly $200,000 in civil penalties in connection with the state’s Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA). The PAGA allows private citizens to bring claims on behalf of the state; in this case the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency would receive the penalty funds.

Each state has its own laws and procedures related to wages, overtime, and addressing potential violations. The laws, like the PAGA, often provide greater options and opportunities to address and remedy violations. Many state labor laws work in conjunction with federal labor laws. And in many instances, filing a wage or labor claim with either a state or federal entity will result in the filing of a claim with the other.

There are numerous state and federal wage and labor laws, with varying times for filing. If you believe your employer is not paying you for every hour you work or in a timely manner, contact an experienced overtime pay lawyer today. Time is limited for filing wage and overtime complaints so it is important to call today! Our experienced team of overtime pay lawyers can be reached at (855) 754-2795. Or you may complete our Free Unpaid Overtime Case Review form and our knowledgeable legal team will evaluate your claim. If we accept your case, we will represent you under our No Fee Promise. This means there are no legal fees or costs unless you receive a settlement.

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