Judge Grants Class Action Status in Overtime Pay Lawsuit Against Cerner

Judge Grants Class Action Status in Overtime Pay Lawsuit Against Cerner

ST.LOUIS — A Jackson County, Missouri Circuit Judge recently issued a ruling granting class action certification to an overtime pay lawsuit against health care IT company Cerner Corp. over allegations the defendant intentionally misclassified hundreds of employees as overtime exempt. Cerner Corp. also faces litigation from hundreds of other plaintiffs in similar lawsuits and recently settled three other overtime pay claims by IT workers alleging overtime pay misclassification.

Cerner hoped to force the claimants to litigate any labor and wage lawsuit against the company on an individual basis, making it easier for the defendant to drag on litigation and possibly defeat many of the claims. However, the judge hearing the case agreed with the plaintiffs their claims were more similar and predominated over the hundreds of individual ones.

According to the complaint, Cerner Corp. misclassified hundreds of entry level workers at overtime exempt, asserting these employees performed duties akin to computer programmers and other software engineers that may be paid a flat salary. Cerner Corp.’s reasoning was that these workers helped train customers on the use of the company’s custom IT software and the menial and tedious nature of the work made it none the less complex.

However, the plaintiffs’ unpaid overtime lawsuit contend the employees were merely glorified help desk workers and should be paid one and a half times their regular hourly wage for time spent on the job above the overtime threshold. The claim, if true, is another unfortunate example of the lengths unscrupulous employers will go circumvent federal and state wage laws designed to ensure employees see fair and timely compensation for all their hard work.

Often times, employer engaging in wage theft may grant employees titles like “manager” or “supervisor” to help convince the individual he or she is an overtime exempt worker and not entitled to overtime pay. Workers with questions about their overtime exempt status should strongly consider speaking to an experienced overtime pay lawyer about their cases to find out if their employers may have violated the law.

Healthcare IT Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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