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Is an employer required to pay overtime to an outside salesperson?

An employer is not always required to pay overtime to an outside salesperson, however there are certain exemptions when it comes to paying outside salespersons overtime pay benefits. In order for an employer to be required to pay overtime an outside salesperson must: regularly sell from home or have other job duties in addition to sales. Exemptions include but not limited to the primary duty of making sales, taking orders, or contracting with customers for services or facility use.

A court will evaluate the outside salesperson job duties and determine whether you are covered by the FLSA and entitled to these wages. However, by talking to one of our experienced overtime pay attorneys we can tell you whether you may be entitled to file lawsuit eliminating a lot of work if you were to represent yourself.

The FLSA has many rules and exceptions, and state laws can complicate the picture even more.  There are strict time deadlines for filing lawsuits, so it is essential that you contact an attorney immediately. Call (855) 794-2795 now for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

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