Hotel Management Company Faces Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Hotel Management Company Faces Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — A California woman recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against her employer, Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC, alleging her company failed to properly calculate her overtime wages and comply with California wage laws in the process.

Additionally, the suit seeks class action status to incorporate all similarly non-overtime exempt workers who may have been affected by the defendant’s alleged violations of state wage laws.

During the course of her employment with Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC, the plaintiff claims she was compensated with non-discretionary incentive pay based on job performance. According to her suit, these bonus payments were not factored into the calculation of her overtime wages as they should have been under California overtime laws.

Furthermore, the plaintiff claims her employer failed to provide her with an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break after the fifth hour of work during her shifts. As a result of this alleged failure to provide a proper meal break, that 30-minute time period each day should be counted as hours worked during the week and subject to inclusion in overtime wages.

Also alleged in the California overtime pay class action lawsuit were claims that the defendant regularly asked its employees to work off the clock. Duties perform off the clock included answering text messages and emails on behalf of the employer without pay.

Plaintiff Seeks Multi-Million Dollar Award for Unpaid Overtime

The plaintiff in this case has asked the California court hearing the suit to certify the action as a class action to allow all similarly affected employees to seek reimbursement for their lost overtime wages.

If certified as a class action, any similarly affected employee who worked for the defendant in a four year period from the suit’s filing could be eligible to join.

The suit specifically asks for $5 million in total compensation. Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC is among the largest hotel management companies in the country and could see hundreds if not thousands of other individuals join the suit if the claim is granted class action status.

California Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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