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Government Contractor Agrees to Settlement for Overtime Pay Violations

ATLANTA, GA — A Georgia company providing contractor work for the federal government recently agreed to a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor to resolve claims that the company violated various federal labor and wage laws, including failure to pay overtime pay to workers. As part of the agreement, Insight Global LLC will pay $354,978 in back wages and damages to 14 current and former employees during performance as a subcontractor to Hewlett Packard on an information technology contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy.

According to an investigation by the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division, Insight Global violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) when it failed to pay its workers one and a half times their average hourly rate of pay when working more than 40 hours in a week. The FLSA violations came as a result of the company failing to pay its workers the prevailing market rate for their labor and fringe benefits as required by McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (SCA).

“When employers receive federal funds to provide services to the government, they must comply with all applicable laws to ensure that their employees receive legally required pay and benefits,” said Jeffrey Genkos, Wage and Hour Division Acting District Director in Atlanta. “Violations can be avoided, and we encourage employers to reach out to us for guidance.”

While workers expect their employers to adhere to all applicable state and federal laws, the truth is that unscrupulous companies would rather attempt to take advantage of their workers in order to keep payroll low and increase the business’ bottom line. Fortunately, laws like the FLSA not only give workers much-needed protections to ensure compliance but also give them the right to file lawsuits to recover their due wages.

Under the FLSA, wage theft victims can recover up to three years of back pay for intentional violations of the law and may be entitled to liquidated damages equal to back pay. The FLSA also allows workers to recover attorneys fees to litigate their cases.

Federal Contractor Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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