Former Angie's List Sales Staff Files Overtime Wage Lawsuit

Former Angie’s List Sales Staff Files Overtime Wage Lawsuit

INDIANAPOLIS — A group of 17 former salespeople from Angie’s List recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the Indiana-based online review website claiming the defendant withheld overtime payments.

The claim alleges the company told its employees to under report or abstain from reporting hours worked in excess during the week.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs claim their supervisors at Angie’s List put pressure on their salesforce to meet goals and put in as much time as needed to accomplish them.

One attorney alleged sales calls were forwarded to employees while off the clock and made to perform work duties while at home.

Other plaintiffs allege they were not paid bonuses for their sales division, their final two weeks paycheck, or paid accrued vacation. At this time, there are no reports of exactly how high the damages could be against Angie’s List.

The 17 plaintiffs are spread across three total suits against Angie’s List, with 14 individuals comprising one class of plaintiffs comprising a collective actions. Two other plaintiffs have individual lawsuits against their former employer.

Collective acts are similar to class action lawsuits in some ways. The difference being individuals must actively opt into the plaintiff’s class, which the 14 have done so here. The attorney representing the collective action class in this case believes the pool of potential claimants could grow significantly as there may be more former workers who were denied proper overtime payments.

Angie’s List Looks to Block Employees from Working for Competitor

Two of the employees listed in the suits eventually went to work for competing review and referral site Home Advisor and were stimied by Angie’s List with litigations. The defendant had taken issue with the employees reportedly turning over in house documentation to Home Advisor, which the plaintiffs believed were not confidential work product.

Attorneys for Angie’s list had sought to bar the two employees, and any other former employees, from working for their competitor until the documents were returned. A judge recently lifted the temporary order, ruling Angie’s List would not be able to succeed with that claim in court.

Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

This case highlight the lengths former employers may go when their employees stand up for their legal rights and bring claims for unpaid overtime wages. Having an experienced overtime lawsuit attorney on one’s side can help navigate these legal pitfalls and give plaintiffs their day in court.

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