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Florida Health Care Case Managers File Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit Against Employer

ORLANDO – A group of case managers for a Florida state healthcare contractor recently filed an unpaid overtime class action lawsuit against their employer claiming the group routinely worked more than 40 hours per week but were not compensated with overtime wages. The defendant is a subsidiary of Centene Management, Co. which is no stranger to these types of lawsuits claiming it misclassified its employees in an attempt to skirt overtime wage payments.

The suit, filed in Leon County Circuit Civil Court, claims Sunshine State Health Plan owes the plaintiffs for the unpaid hours they spent on nights and weekends after work performing duties which included developing care plans, assisting with referrals and resolving complaints. According to court records, approximately 10 clients opted into the suit but that number may grow depending on the circumstances of the case.

The unpaid overtime lawsuit seeks class action certification from the judge overseeing the case to allow other similarly affected individuals to join the case and recoup their back wages. Often times, class action and collective action unpaid overtime lawsuits can swell substantially in cases where widespread wage theft takes place in large organizations.

Earlier this year, Cetene reached a multimillion dollar settlement with nurses across several states to resolve claims the company misclassified those plaintiffs under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Approximately $4.5 million went to nurses stretched out across California, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio.

Am I Overtime Exempt Under the FLSA?

Under the FLSA, only certain types of employees may be classified as overtime exempt and be paid a salary as opposed to hourly like most workers commonly are. To meet the salary pay requirements under the FLSA, workers must perform certain tasks under their job classification.

Often times, employers intentionally misclassify their workers to keep payroll down. Workers with questions about their status under the FLSA are encouraged to speak to a qualified overtime pay attorney about their case and explore their legal options to recover lost wages if a violation of state or federal wage laws took place.

Unpaid Healthcare Overtime Pay Lawsuit

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