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Exotic Dancer Overtime Pay Lawsuits, Unpaid Overtime, Wages

Exotic dancers are often cheated out of overtime pay by club owners.  This has resulted in numerous lawsuits being filed across the United States by dancers against gentleman’s clubs.  Millions in dollars in settlements have been paid to dancers for unpaid overtime wages.

Exotic dancer overtime pay lawsuits allege that the dancers are being misclassified as independent contractors by the clubs to avoid paying them overtime.  However, a proper legal analysis in many cases has determined that these dancers are actually employees under the law and therefore entitled to overtime pay.  Most often the dancers are not being paid the wages required under federal law.

Factors that determine if a dancer is an employee include the fact that the club requires them to wear particular attire, and forces them to attend unpaid staff meetings.  These factors support the conclusion that they are actually employees and not independent contractors.   The courts have also determined that the independent contractor agreements that many dancers are forced to sign are invalid.

If you are an exotic dancer and believe that your club is cheating you out of overtime pay you may have a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  You may be entitled to receive a substantial settlement for your unpaid overtime wages.

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