Ex-Workers Sue Rapper T.I. for Unpaid Restaurant Overtime Wages

Ex-Workers Sue Rapper T.I. for Unpaid Restaurant Overtime Wages

ATLANTA — A group of former employees at now defunct Atlanta-based restaurant Scales 925 recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the establishment and its owners claiming they were not paid their proper wages while working.

Ownership and management of Scales 925 includes rap superstar Clifford “T.I.” Harris and now estranged business partner Charles Hughes who are accused of using the restaurant as a private piggy bank used to line their bank accounts.

The lawsuit claims management at the restaurant failed to pay the plaintiffs proper overtime wages and even went to far as to coerce them to work off the clock. While the claim names T.I. as a defendant, most of the allegations are leveled at the managing partner of the restaurant, Charles Hughes.

Accusations include forcing employees to work three-hours off the clock at the end of their scheduled shifts and manipulating payroll software to document $35 dollars of daily income as tip wages even though the employees did not earn tips. Classifying the wages at tips meant the employer did not have to pay for those wages.

Federal Overtime Pay Laws

Furthermore, employees overtime hours were not documented by the payroll software used at the restaurant and discrepancies on paychecks were dismissed by Hughes as beyond the scope of his power to correct.

The plaintiffs also seek pay pay for payroll checks they say bounced as a result of the owners putting the restaurant’s profits directly into their bank accounts and not payroll accounts set up for the business.

The lawsuit cites the defendant’s actions as violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which sets rules for payroll and wage record keeping as well as requiring employers to pay their hourly employees time and a half for overtime hours. Under the FLSA, wage theft victims can file civil lawsuits against their employer in court to recover their back wages as well as penalties, interest, and attorney’s fees associate with the case.

Restaurant Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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