Ex-Amazon Manager Sues Company Over Failure to Pay Overtime

Ex-Amazon Warehouse Manager Sues Company Over Failure to Pay Overtime Wages

SAN FRANCISCO — A former warehouse manager working for Amazon in the San Francisco Bay area recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against the online retail giant over allegations that the defendant failed to pay proper wages, including overtime, to supervisors at distribution facilities. The claim alleges that Amazon intentionally misclassified warehouse supervisors as overtime exempt managers but forced employees to work long hours performing manual labor and other unacceptable job duties under California labor and wage laws.

According to the complaint, filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, Amazon told the defendant at the time of hiring that supervisors and other managers at the company’s facilities would perform mostly supervisory work. However, the plaintiff claims his day-to-day duties consisted almost entirely of performing manual labor at a pace that increased the likelihood of injury and ultimately caused the victim to suffer harm.

Under state and federal wage laws, only certain classes of workers are considered overtime exempt and may be paid a flat salary, regardless of how many hours spent on the job so long as the average hourly wage equates to the applicable minimum wage. Under these labor provisions, employees classified as “managers” must spend the majority of their time performing duties vital to business operations, rather than those of hourly, non-exempt employees.

Often times, companies hire workers as managers only in title and expect these employees to perform essentially the same duties as an hourly associate for much less than a non-exempt individual’s hourly wage. Examples of work expected to be performed by managers includes duties like hiring and firing workers, disciplining associates, setting pay rates, and creating work schedules for team members.

While many workers believe wage theft can never happen to them, the truth is that this particular type of abuse is far more prevalent than many think and can take a heavy toll on employees trying to earn a living and provide for their families. Fortunately, the law gives wage theft victims the right to file lawsuits to recover their back pay as well as interest and other damages.

Warehouse Supervisor Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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