Do direct support workers get paid overtime?

Do direct support workers get paid overtime?

Yes. Direct support workers are entitled to overtime pay. We are often contacted by health care professionals who are under the impression they are not entitled to overtime pay. Direct support workers often work long hours in a client’s home, residence, or other living facility. They are responsible for talking, watching, preparing meals, doing housework, driving, and doing laundry. Sometimes services also include providing supervision and companionship for their client.

Direct support workers are often forced to work over 40 hours per week, but are denied overtime pay by their employer. For certain direct support workers, this is a clear violation of federal overtime pay laws. Lawsuits are currently being filed against direct support worker companies seeking to recover unpaid wages. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit regardless of whether you are a salaried employee or hourly employee.

In a recent legal decision, the Companionship Services Exemption has been removed by the United States Department of Labor. This revision in the law now makes it legal for home health care workers and hospice workers to recover unpaid overtime wages. However, direct support workers employed directly by the patient or the family are still not entitled to overtime pay.

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