Davenport University Coach Drivers File UO Lawsuit Against School

Davenport University Coach Drivers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against School to Recover Back Wages

DETROIT — Three Davenport University employees recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against the school, alleging the defendant intentionally violated state and federal labor laws by denying overtime wages and other employment benefits. The suit is an important action to challenge the culture some employers promote of making up their own employment laws, which fly in the face of the hard earned gains workers have made throughout the years to be compensated appropriately for their hard work.

According to the suit, the university implemented hard caps on the amount of hours coach drivers would be paid for driving athletes across the country for games and competitions, regardless of how many hours the employees actually spent on the job. Dubbed the 8 and 15 rule, the university would pay drivers a maximum of 15 hours of pay on “travel” days and eight hours of pay on “overnight” days.

The plaintiffs claim they submitted written time sheets accounting for all the time spent on the road and performing other duties to their supervisor, the university’s transportation director, who is named in the complaint. The defendant allegedly altered the timesheets to reflect the maximum amount of hours allowed under the school’s 8 and 15 policy.

The practice is a violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act, and Michigan’s minimum wage laws, according to the unpaid overtime lawsuit. Furthermore, the plaintiffs suffered additional lost income because their employer’s contribution to retirement benefits were calculated based on the amount of hours worked.

While the suit is still in its early stages, the outcome could be substantial for the plaintiffs as state and federal wage laws allow wage theft victims to not only recover their actual lost income but also penalties equal to these unpaid wages. Additionally, various wage laws also allow plaintiffs to receive reimbursement for attorneys’ fees and court costs to cover the cost of litigating their claim.

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