Connecticut Movers File Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Employer

Connecticut Movers File Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Employer

STRATFORD, Conn. — A group of current and former employers for the Stratford, Connecticut location of All My Sons Moving & Storage, recently filed a federal unpaid overtime lawsuit alleging the defendant committed wage theft by withholding their overtime wages and forcing them to work off the clock.

The lawsuit seeks to recover millions of dollars in compensation for the years the plaintiffs spent working under the alleged illegal wage practices and help educate workers in similar positions about their rights under federal and state employment laws.

According to the class action overtime lawsuit, the plaintiffs were not paid for various work-related tasks including time spent setting up equipment for a job, fueling and washing trucks, and driving to and from job sites. The plaintiffs claim they worked six days a week, accumulating well over 40-hours of work time during each pay period but were only paid straight time (regular hours) for these extra hours.

The unpaid overtime lawsuit only focuses on the Stratford office of the Texas-based moving company, which has locations nationwide. The plaintiffs ask for $2 million in compensation for their lost wages which includes back pay, attorney’s fees, court costs, and liquidated damages equal to their unpaid wages.

FLSA Overtime Pay Laws

The moving company unpaid wage lawsuit is a prime example of how too many employers try to keep costs down by suppressing payroll to the detriment of workers. Movers are especially susceptible to these kinds of practices as employers may insist the only time employees are paid for are those hours actually spent moving when in fact they perform many other roles which contribute to the business.

State and federal wage laws make it very clear hourly employees must be paid for all the time they spend on the job, whether employers attempt to separate certain duties from what the worker may be paid for. Victims of wage theft can file federal unpaid overtime lawsuits under the Fair Labor Standards Act to recover their back pay and send a message to other employers that wage theft will not be tolerated.

Moving Company Unpaid Overtime Lawsuits

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