Food Preppers Hit Former Boss with Federal Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Cincinnati Area Food Preppers Hit Former Boss with Federal Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

CINCINNATI – A group of former food-preppers for a Cincinnati-area dumpling restaurant recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against their old boss alleging the defendant failed to pay them all their wages, including overtime and other income. The defendant, who owns Tiger Dumpling, is no stranger to civil suits alleging lack of payment as records indicate he owes thousands to government and private creditors for various business dealings.

The lawsuit, filed across the river in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, states the plaintiffs worked in a warehouse prepping Asian-style dumplings which were sold at a brick and mortar store as well as local supermarkets. During their time at Tiger Dumpling, the seven-named plaintiffs allege their paychecks were frequently late by several days and were not paid overtime under federal wage laws.

Furthermore, when workers actually did receive a paycheck it often bounced, causing the plaintiffs to incur banking fees and other financial hardships. Some plaintiffs claim they were served eviction papers, had utilities shut off, and took a hit on their credit from going without pay from their job for so long. Most of the plaintiffs quit working at the warehouse during a two-month period after a prolonged period without a paycheck.

Federal Overtime Pay Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), hourly employees are entitled to one and a half times their regular rate of pay when they work above the 40-hour threshold in a workweek. Furthermore, the law requires employers to provide their employees with pay stubs documenting their hours worked and wages earned during a pay period.

Employees who are the victims of wage theft have legal recourse in the FLSA to file unpaid overtime lawsuits against their employer to recover back wages as possibly interest and other penalties on the amount owed. Additionally, courts may award the cost of attorney’s fees to cover the expense of litigation to help ensure plaintiffs receive their hard earned income.

Restaurant Overtime Pay Lawsuits

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