School Bus Attendant Files UO Lawsuit Against School District

Chicago School Bus Attendant Files Class Action Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against School District

CHICAGO — A former Chicago school bus attendant recently filed a class action overtime pay lawsuit against the school district, alleging the state’s largest school district owes him and other similar workers back pay and overtime wages. By filing suit as a class action, the plaintiff hopes to recover lost wages and interest not only for himself but other similarly affected plaintiffs affected by the school district’s payroll policies.

The lawsuit claims that while working as a transportation supervisor and attendant for special needs children riding buses contracted to third-parties, the plaintiff and others often had to remain on the bus after his shift was expected to end. As a result, the plaintiff claims he should be paid regular pay for that time as well as overtime he accrued while working weekends.

While the complaint does not state a specific amount of compensation, the damages could be substantial given the claims listed in the suit as well as the potential for many other plaintiffs to join the suit and recover their lost wages. Under the four counts listed in the suit, the plaintiffs could be entitled to interest and other penalties on their back pay.

The overtime pay lawsuit claims the school district willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), requiring employers to pay their employees one and a half times their regular hourly rate for overtime hours. Under the FLSA, the defendant could be on the hook for the back pay, interest, attorney’s fees, and any other relief the court sees fit which could include liquidated damages equal to the back pay.

Furthermore, the complaint alleges violations of the Illinois Minimum Wage Law which could end up costing the defendant an additional 2% of the back wages for every month the earnings went unpaid. For the lead plaintiff, that amount of time would cover the 2013 to 2014 school year though others could have a substantially longer period of lost wages.

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