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Roadside Assistance Worker Overtime Lawsuits: Wage & Hour Laws

Roadside Assistance Worker Overtime Lawsuits: Wage & Hour Laws

Commonly asked overtime pay law questions about roadside assistance workers:

What is a Roadside Assistance Worker?

The job responsibilities of a roadside assistance technician typically include tire repair and tire changes, jump starts, fuel delivery, lockout services, towing, battery service and more.

Truck roadside assistance technicians have similar job duties, with the addition of heavy duty truck towing, winch outs and extricating assistance, refrigerator/heater repairs, and load swaps.

Roadside assistance workers tend to work far more than 40 hours in a single work week, especially in the winter months. This is because roadside assistance companies offer service 24/7 year round, and in the winter months dead batteries, breakdowns and flat tires are even more common.

What is the Salary Range for a Roadside Assistance Worker?

Depending on the work setting and state where roadside assistance workers are employed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) noted that in 2016, roadside assistance workers made anywhere between $18,610 and $39,040, with the average annual salary being approximately $27,150.

How Many Roadside Assistance Workers Are Nationally Employed?

According to the United States Department of Labor, employment estimate and mean wage estimates for this occupation is as follows:

Employment Employment RSE* Mean Hourly Wage Mean Annual Wage Wage RSE
109,350 2.2% $13.05 $27,150 0.8%

*RSE: The relative standard error (RSE) is a measure of the reliability of a survey statistic. The smaller the relative standard error, the more precise the estimate.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the percentile wage estimates for a roadside assistance worker is as follows:

Percentile 10% 25% 50% (Median) 75% 90%
Hourly Wage $8.95 $10.09 $12.04 $14.87 $18.77

Where Are Most Roadside Assistance Workers Employed?

According to the United States Department of Labor, states with the highest employment level in this occupation are as follows:

State Employment Employment Per Thousand Jobs Location Quotient Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Texas 11,980 1.02 1.31 $13.17 $27,400
California 10,160 0.64 0.82 $14.36 $29,880
Florida 7,560 0.92 1.18 $10.28 $21,370
New Jersey 4,030 1.02 1.31 $13.30 $27,660
Ohio 3,810 0.71 0.92 $12.24 $25,460

Roadside Assistance Worker Overtime Pay Lawsuit News

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What are the Laws for Roadside Assistance Worker Overtime Pay?

Under the Fair Labor Standard Overtime Laws (FLSA), roadside assistance technicians are entitled to receive overtime pay, with a few exceptions.

Recent guidelines from the Department of Labor and court decisions have attempted to clarify which workers are covered by the FLSA and which are exempt. Some of the guidelines include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Whether the employer has a common-carrier certificate of authority from the Department of Transportation.
  2. Whether the employer advertises itself as available for interstate towing.
  3. Whether the driver may be called upon to complete an interstate tow.

Overtime pay for roadside assistance workers should equal one and one-half times their regular rate of pay.

Is a Roadside Assistance Worker Entitled to Overtime Pay?

Roadside assistance technicians must be available for drivers 24/7, and as a result, roadside assistance employees often work more than 40 hours in a work week. When this is the case, the technicians are generally entitled to overtime pay as mandated by the FLSA.

If you believe you have been denied overtime benefits while working as a roadside assistance worker, you should contact an experienced overtime pay lawyers to determine if you qualify under the FLSA and various state laws. At our award winning law firm, our attorneys will be able to determine whether you are able to file an unpaid overtime lawsuit based upon your job description, job duties, rate of pay, and number of hours worked.

Does a Company Have to Pay Overtime Wages to a Roadside Assistance Worker?

In most cases, a company is required to pay overtime wages to roadside assistance workers as mandated in the FLSA.

Unfortunately for many roadside assistance technicians, employers may deny benefits that are owed to workers. In other cases, companies may misclassify workers so that they can avoid paying them what they rightfully deserve.

In fact, our attorneys recently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of workers (current and former) employed at Jack Rabbit Services for unpaid overtime due to the intentional misclassification of its roadside assistance employees.

If an employer violates the FLSA in any way, a lawsuit can be filed to recover the deserved overtime wages.

There are strict time deadlines for filing these lawsuits, so it is essential that you contact an experienced attorney who can determine if your case is covered by the FLSA.

What Companies Have Denied Overtime Wages to Roadside Assistance Workers?

Our overtime pay lawyers frequently represent roadside assistance workers in overtime pay lawsuits. We investigate roadside assistance overtime pay claims against the following companies:

  • Best Roadside Service
  • AllState Motor Club Roadside Assistance
  • AAA Roadside Assistance
  • Better World Roadside Assistance
  • eCar Care Roadside Assistance
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance
  • AARP Roadside Assistance
  • BP Motor Club
  • Paragon Motor Club
  • Auto Road Service
  • Jack Rabbit Roadside Assistance

We also investigate claims against truck and trailer roadside assistance companies. Some of the largest include:

  • Truckers Assist Roadside Assistance
  • National Truck Service
  • Ameriquest Corop
  • Roadside Masters
  • Penske Truck Leasing Roadside Assistance
  • 4 Road Service
  • Western Truck Insurance Services
  • Mack Trucks Roadside Assistance
  • Michaels Mobile Fleet Service
  • Fix On Road
  • Good Year Truck Tires
  • Volvo Truck Service
  • RoadSquad Connect

To determine whether you are eligible for filing a wage claim, contact our experienced Roadside Assistance Worker Overtime Pay Lawyers at (855) 754-2795 for a Free Consultation to discuss your case or complete the Free Unpaid Overtime Case Review Form on this page.  We will discuss your situation and determine if you have a claim. If you are owed unpaid wages, we will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means there are never any legal fees or costs unless you receive a settlement.

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