Security Guards File UO Lawsuit Against Well-Known Theaters

California Security Guards File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit Against Well-Known Theaters

LOS ANGELES — A group of 45 current and former security guards recently filed a class action unpaid overtime lawsuit against Shorenstein-Hays-Nederlander Theaters, the parent company of three theaters accused of violating California and San Francisco wage and labor laws. The plaintiffs claim the defendants withheld due overtime from the plaintiffs, denied meal breaks, and did not provide sick leave to workers, some of whom were employed for decades.

The suit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, seeks class action status with the hopes even more potential plaintiffs could join the suit to recover their back wages and unpaid benefits. According to the reports, the plaintiffs provide security at the theaters’ loading docks before and after shows while crews moved props and other production equipment and many routinely worked over 40 hours per week without overtime pay.

The plaintiffs claim their hours were unpredictable and were forced to remain on call as condition for their employment. Furthermore, the unpaid overtime lawsuit alleges the plaintiffs routinely worked 10 and 12-hour shifts without overtime after 8 hours per California wage laws.

Additionally, the defendant allegedly did not comply with state laws requiring employees give their employees a 30-minute uninterrupted meal break after their fifth hour of work. Under California labor laws, businesses must compensate their workers with an additional hour of pay when workers cannot take an uninterrupted meal break.

The suit also claims the defendant did not provide employees with an accurate record of all hours worked and wages earned per pay period as required under state and federal wage laws because no system was in place to do so. Often times, courts hand down injunctions in unpaid overtime lawsuits against defendants requiring them to put payroll and time tracking procedures in place.

Workers who believe their are being denied overtime and other benefits under state and federal wage laws should strongly consider speaking to an experienced unpaid overtime attorney about their case to discuss their legal options.

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