California Animal Trainers Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

California Animal Trainers Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES — A California animal behavior counselor recently settled an unpaid overtime lawsuit with his employer over allegations he was forced to work off the clock to complete his duties.

The off the clock work was just one of the many factors in the case which contributed to withholding of overtime wages but also miscalculations of time and a half pay when overtime wages were dispersed.

The precise allegations against the defendant, Animal Behavior College, Inc. (ABC), include unpaid overtime wages, unpaid regular pay, miscalculating overtime pay by not factoring bonus pay, and working off the clock. According to the complaint, the animal behavior counselors were paid an hourly wage but also given commissions for signing up students to the company’s courses but these bonuses were not added to the equations.

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims the employer failed to provide adequate meal breaks and rest periods to its employees during the course of their shifts. Under California wage laws, employees must be furnished with an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break after the fifth hour of work during the day. Employees expected to remain on-call during their meal break may be able to seek compensation for this time as it does not meet the standard prescribed under state law.

Suit Brings to Close Long Battle to Reclaim Unpaid Overtime Wages

Now the suit filed in US District Court, Central District of California, Western Division appears to be coming to a close as both sides have agreed to a settlement. The award is expected to be somewhere in the range of $100,000, which includes attorney’s fees, interest, wages, and penalties. The plaintiff is expected to take home about $60,000 of that amount.

The proposed settlement should wrap up what has been a years-long issue for ABC. In 2015, the company conducted an internal review of its overtime wage calculations and found it had not properly compensated its workers. ABC then doled out over $186,000 to compensate some workers for their back wages.

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