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New York Caterers Settle Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit for $50,000

NEW YORK CITY — A group of 19-banquet hall caterers recently settled an unpaid overtime lawsuit for $50,000 with their employer, Bridgeview Yacht Club in Nassau County, New York. The bartenders and waitstaff making up the group of plaintiffs claim their wages were improperly calculated for a six-year period. Investigators claim some of the plaintiffs […]

California Seasonal Workers Settle Overtime Pay Lawsuit

MONTE RIO, Calif. — Hundreds of current and former seasonal workers for an ultra-exclusive country club in Monte Rio, California recently settled an unpaid overtime lawsuit which could net each plaintiff approximately $8,000.

Appeals Court Could Compensate Alaska Workers For Back Pay

ANCHORAGE — Although a lower court ruled in favor of two Lower 48 employers who mandated employee tip pools, a recent ruling from the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could overturn that decision and lead to Alaskan workers receiving more tips than ever before, according to KTVA Alaska.

Bartenders Can Join Overtime Pay Lawsuit

NEW ORLEANS — Pat O’Brien’s bartenders received conditional collective action status in Louisiana federal court early in February 2015. The bartenders claimed the managers at the New Orleans bar stole from the tip jar and failed to pay the employees the overtime to which they were entitled. With the conditional certification, nearly 40 additional current […]

Bartenders Bring Wage Claim Against Legal Sea Foods

Mass. — Bartenders and servers for Legal Sea Foods, a restaurant chain of upscale seafood restaurants on the East Coast, have filed two proposed class action lawsuits against the seafood chain alleging wage violations. The two proposed class actions claim the seafood restaurant chain required its tipped employees to share their tips with non-tipped employees in […]

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