Workers File UO Lawsuit After Owner Withholds Final Paycheck

Alabama Restaurant Workers File Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit After Owner Withholds Final Paycheck

A group of restaurant workers for a Huntsville, Alabama restaurant recently filed an unpaid overtime lawsuit against their former employer, The Salty Gator Trading Company, after the defendant suddenly closed shop and withheld the plaintiffs’ final paychecks. According to reports, the now defunct eatery suffered from numerous issues for months leading up to the closure, including problems paying employees for all their hard work.

In addition to wage theft allegations under state and federal labor laws, the plaintiffs claim the defendants took part in breach of contract and unjust enrichment when they failed to pay employees their last paychecks. The lawsuit requests a trial by jury for the six plaintiffs to recover unpaid wages, interest on back pay, liquidated damages, and attorneys’ fees to cover the cost of litigating the matter.

While federal regulators with the Department of Labor frequently step in to help protect vulnerable workers from wage theft, the plaintiffs in this case were not covered by certain provisions of federal wage laws. According to Labor Department’s Gulf Coast District Director, restaurants with revenues below a certain level enjoy limited waivers.

During media interviews, the plaintiffs described their personal struggles while waiting to receive their final paychecks in the restaurant’s waning months, some even on the verge of eviction. Unfortunately, the defendant ran circles around its employees with a barrage of excuses for why it would not pay employees, ultimately leading to the unpaid overtime lawsuit.

Federal Overtime Pay Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), hourly workers must earn one and a half times their regular hourly wage for the hours they work above the 40-hour overtime threshold. While some employees can be paid a flat salary, most hourly workers must be able to earn overtime.

When employers break labor and wage laws, victims can hire an experienced overtime pay lawyer to recover their lost wages and hold wrongdoers accountable. Furthermore, courts may require defendants to make sweeping changes to ensure that future instances of wage theft do not occur.

Restaurant Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

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