Aerospace Defense Manufacturer Faces Overtime Complaint

Aerospace Defense Manufacturer Faces Overtime Complaint

LOS ANGELES — Metric Precision and Engineering LLC, now AMG Torrance, has been hit with a potential wage and overtime pay class action lawsuit in California state court. The recent lawsuit claims the aerospace and defense manufacturer required its employees to work without compensation after clocking out at the end of their shifts and denied meal and rest breaks in violation of California state labor laws. The potential class action will likely include current and former hourly Metric employees.

The Overtime Claim

A former Metric employee, Jorge Monterrosa, filed the complaint which alleges the company required employees to clock out at the end of their shifts, but remain on site to explain the work assignments to the next shift. According to his claim, the employees would have to spend at least five minutes after each shift explaining assignments. Despite the regular practice of spending additional time off the clock performing work related tasks, the employees were denied compensation and potential overtime pay for the extra five minutes. And the post-shift off-the-clock work is not the only violation Monterosa alleges against Metric.

Metric also allegedly denied employees, who typically worked 10 to 14 hours shifts, their second mandatory meal break and third mandatory rest break and the additional hour of compensation required under state law when those meal breaks are delayed or denied. And Metric allegedly deducted the costs of the employees’ uniforms from their checks, another violation of California labor law. In the lawsuit, Monterrosa claims these violations were compounded and more difficult to identify because Metric failed to provide accurate and detailed wage statements.

Cumulative Losses

Five or 10 minutes of unpaid time may not necessarily seem like a major loss or of any consequence. However, when the unpaid time happens on a regular basis it can come at a significant expense to employees. In this case, Metric employees were working and receiving credit for between 10 and 14 hours a shift. But they were not receiving credit or compensation for at least an extra five minutes at the end of each shift and they were not compensated for the missed 10 to 40 minutes from meal and rest breaks. This uncredited and unpaid time could add up to an extra hour or more at their regular rate or even result in overtime by the end of a typical workweek.

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